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All My Runnin'

Track List
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  • Iron City Blues
  • I'm Gonna Take My Troubles
  • Broken Strings
  • Buried Alive in the Blues
  • Use Me
  • Shade Tree Mechanic
  • Somebody's Got To Go
  • You Wouldn't Understand
  • Shoal Creek
  • All My Runnin'

The latest CD "All my runnin" by Big Mike Griffin, Recorded in December 2007, is the 6 th release for Chromelink Records artist Big Mike Griffin.

Hey Folks,

When I was asked to write some liner notes for Big Mike Griffin's new album, "All My Runnin'", I was tickled to death. I've been friends with Big Mike for years and here was my chance to talk about the man I call the best Biker Blues guitar player in the world. Believe me, I know the blues. As a young musician, I played drums for the great, Jimmy Reed.

You know, there's a reason we call Big Mike, "Big" Mike. Now, I am not a little guy but Mike Griffin dwarfs me. At nearly 7 feet tall, he makes his Fender Telecaster look like a ukulele.

Now pay attention to what I am about to tell you. As a fan of Big Mike, I knew I would love his new album but it surpassed all my expectations. Right off the bat you are treated to Iron City, a song that Mike wrote for a documentary film called Iron City Blues. This song is the true story of Iron City, TN. You don't want to go there alone.

I'm Gonna Take My Troubles, Buried Alive In The Blues and You Wouldn'tUnderstand are exactly what I expect from Big Mike Griffin, BIKER BLUES. While truckin' down the highway, these songs make my head bob forward and backward to that drivin' beat. I don't even realize I'm speeding.

I loved Use Me. Because of my being a drummer, I like that percussive funky feel. Too dang cool. Shade Tree Mechanic gave me that classic blues shuffle. Somebody's GotTo Go transported me to the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta and back to a time that would have been the birth of the blues. I am a sucker for a good slide guitar and that makes me a sucker for Big Mike Griffin.

Shoal Creek sounds dangerous to me. It took me back to Iron City, a dangerous place and All My Runnin' showed me a side of Big Mike that I had never seen before. There is a strong Bob Dylan influence from the 60's. I should know because I was the original drummer with Bob on his very first electric world tour in 1966. We were known as The Band.

All I can say is, "I know what I like and I like Big Mike Griffin". I think I'll just hit "PLAY" on this CD player, ONE MORE TIME!

-Mickey Jones

Big Mike Griffin always surrounds himself with the best players around, so my KUDOS go to all the musicians and especially those great female voices!

Big Mike Griffin - Guitars and vocals
Johnny Bird - Drums and percussion
James "Fish" Michie - Keyboards and Hammond B3
Steve Vines - Bass
Mike Johnson - Steel guitar on "All my Runnin'"
Emilie Shantz - Vocals
Miranda Louise - Vocals
Recorded at the Switchyard, Antioch Tennessee
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Michael St. Leon
Produced for Chrome Link Records by Big Mike Griffin
Executive Producer: Ahab
Photography: one ball, peepers and snax
The songs "Iron City" and "Shoal Creek" appear in the documentary " Iron CIty Blues"

Big Mike Griffin would like to thank the following people and companies:
D'addario strings
Reverend guitars
Gibson Guitars
Taylor Guitars
Mike E's Guitars
Guitar Heaven
Guitar Mill
Keith Robertson
Rob Price
Matt Pessoni and Scott Pessoni at Gemini Production Group
Scott Jackson at Avenger Media
Ed Martin at Jammer Cycle Products
Pat Burros at Custom Chrome
Bill Hayes
Keith Ball
Mickey Jones
Mike Hawkins
Mike McGwin
Rock and Marsha Hartley,Rock on Productions
Dwayne Samford at Classic Custom Cycles
Bill Eft at Chubby Customs
John and Jill Parham at J&P cycles
Keith and Gina Watkins
Ron Gannaway
Ludwig Drum Company
The Chrome Link, Lawton Oklahoma

This album is dedicated to the people that left us too soon, and didn't get all their runnin' done.
Jerry Churchwell, Chad "Bull" Connors, Dallas Fuller, Ray and Mickey Griffin, Dr.Steve Sherrer,
Bird Taulbee, Willie Tubbs, Greg Waynick
And all the brothers and sisters of the road that have gone to a better place. They are loved and missed!