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Iron City Blues

Track List
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  • Iron City
  • Livin' Large
  • Catfish and Chrome
  • Jason Neese's Theme
  • Two Lane Road
  • Mowers and 4-Wheelers
  • Iron City Park
  • City History
  • Mayor's Outlook
  • Down in the Bottom (Insurance Bluff)
  • Monkey's Theme
  • A Dark Reality
  • Holly Creek Shuffle
  • Return to Nashville
  • Mike's A-Team
  • BONUS: Blues Jam
  • BONUS: Shovel Head
  • BONUS: To Meet the Blues
  • BONUS: Shoal Creek

Pack some heat and join biker/bluesman Big Mike Griffin on a wild road trip in this award-winning documentary.

For years, urban legends have warned about an isolated Southern town where the locals ran-off their police department and outsiders fear to tread. To Big Mike, Iron City seemed like the perfect subject for a blues song. But first, he must find out for himself if the legends are true.

Join Big Mike and his guide, a cigar-chomping ex-Marine named Jason Neese, as they ride their Harleys through Tennessee's backwoods into a place that even cops fear. You'll meet a collection of unforgettable characters as you witness the creation of a blues song about the most notorious town in the South. Welcome to Iron City.... Watch your back.

Run-time 52 minutes plus bonus. 2-Disc Set: Includes DVD plus Soundtrack CD

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